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Precision Springs

Precision Springs

Argo Spring Manufacturing's equipment and experienced engineering department can develop any spring based on the customer's design requirements. We use state-of-the-art CNC coilers and wire forming equipment, as well as mechanical coilers, to custom manufacture any quantity ordered. With rotary wire feed and guide mechanisms, the precision equipment easily forms complex springs without changing the slide positions.

Even if a drawing or sample is not available, Argo Spring Manufacturing's consulting service will work with the customer to find a custom spring solution. From a prototype to high volume production runs, our automatic coilers can produce custom springs of 0.002" to 0.625" diameter wire. Argo Spring's engineering department can expedite any type of spring from design concept to approval within two weeks.

Custom springs include:
  • Compression
  • Extension
  • Torsion
  • Double torsion
  • Clock (Power)
  • Flat
  • Leaf
  • Clip springs
  • Metal-Stampings

    Metal Stamping and Fabrication

    With a combination of hydraulic and mechanical presses, Argo Spring specializes in custom precision metal stampings for low volume to long-run production quantities. After a review of the dimensional requirements, our in-house tool room uses EDM machining to create the dies that make any customer’s design concept into reality. Our expert tool and die makers ensure each die will result in continuous repeatability for each part, this is also done by utilizing precision servo feeders to ensure precise progression.

    The metal fabrication process includes blanking, forming, and drawing operations that minimize the cost of scrap material. With rapid production rates of 1500 hits per minute, our automatic press brakes provide fast ...

    Wire Forms and Four-Slide Products

    The cost-effective CNC wire forming and four-slide machinery are capable of limitless configurations for custom strips and wire parts. Each production set-up is performed by Argo’s in-house tool room which uses EDM machining to create the wire and four-slide tooling dies. Our expert tool and die makers ensure each die will result in uniform thicknesses and dimensional integrity.

    The four-slide fabrication process uses multiple slide motions that are capable of producing intricate parts in one pass. This eliminates costly secondary tooling set-ups and poor-quality manual operations. Depending on the complexity, Argo Spring’s four-slide machinery can produce high volume production runs of up to 7000 units per ...

    Tube Bending

    Argo Spring’s custom tube bending process can meet the demands of low or high volume production with hydraulic, manual, mechanical, and roll bending equipment. By utilizing multi-axis, dual radius tube bending equipment, Argo Spring can accommodate challenging designs requiring single or multi-plane bends. Our precision equipment provides smooth uniform bends that minimize crimping and collapsing distortions that result in poor quality.

    With an experienced engineering department, we interact with the customers to find the right combination of wall thicknesses, diameters, number of bends, and angles that are best suited for the tubing applications. Our staff will advise on design constraints and potential production issues for ...

    Mechanical Assembly and Packaging

    Our objective at Argo Spring Manufacturing is to provide a single source for the entire production process at a competitive price. Besides our product design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer post-production requests, such as mechanical assembly, packaging, and delivery services.

    Our automated assembly department ensures a quality finished product for small to large production runs. With a flexible labor force, manual operations are handled efficiently with a short turnaround time. We commonly perform a combination of riveting, hardware insertion, brazing, tapping, threading, and MIG/TIG welding during the final assembly stages.

    In addition, each manufactured part can be sorted, kitted, and labeled with bar ...
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