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Precision Springs

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Compression Springs

Custom Compression Springs

Compression springs are linear load resistant springs that are commonly used as an efficient method of storing energy. Argo Spring Manufacturing's versatile equipment is capable of producing custom compression springs of variable pitch and ground within 1º.

End Types Include:
  • Plain: Open or closed
  • Squared: most commonly designed with closed ends to provide uniform force distribution
  • Ground: provides flat planes and stability
  • Ground/Square: utilized for applications that require small load/rate tolerances and used for its durable and non-buckling characteristics.
  • Extension-Springs

    Custom Extension Springs

    In applications requiring resistance to a pulling force, Argo Spring custom produces extension springs of any length, end type, and degree of tension. We produce extension springs custom designed to produce the desired return force at any spring position by offering:

  • Hooks ends: machine, extended, over-center, swivel
  • Loop ends: full loops and double twisted
  • Torsion-Springs

    Custom Torsion & Double Torsion Springs

    Torsion Springs are utilized in products that require a resistance to or application of torque. Once a load is applied to the legs, torsion springs deflect and elongate resulting in an angular return force. Torsion springs are closely wound with various leg configurations, such as straight legs and multiple leg bends. The direction of the wind, clockwise or counter-clockwise, is determined by the application.

    Custom Clock Springs

    Argo Spring custom manufactures clock springs, also known as power springs, from flat-stock material for widths and thicknesses of up to 3” and 0.375”, respectively. These close-wound springs store rotational energy when turned about the center shaft.

    Common applications include:
    • Reels
    • Retractable safety devices
    • Toys
    • Mechanical motors
    • Kitchen timers
    Leaf Springs

    Custom Leaf Springs

    Custom leaf springs are designed to meet the requirements for small mechanical assemblies. Argo Spring also manufactures production of leaf springs to the trailer and automotive industries.

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